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Knowing what to expect from an OSHA inspection can make the experience less stressful. CSI can help with training and consultation. 

How Can We Help Your Company?

Compliance Evaluations

Is your company OSHA compliant? Let us help you discover where you might have some potentially costly vulnerabilities. We do OSHA compliance evaluations that can save you thousands. 

Hazard Assessments

Every company needs to know where the potential hazards are for their employees. It’s more than just a part of the OSHA regulations- it’s just good sense. Let us help you identify potential risks and reduce or eliminate them. 

Risk Analysis

Within certain industries, there will be inherent hazards that need to be mitigated as much as possible. We’ll help you come up with ideas to reduce your liabilities and help keep your people safe. 

Wiring Safety Policies

With every potential hazard in the workplace, there needs to be defined polices and procedures. We’ll help you create the right policies for your company and industry that help protect your business and employees. 

Safety Training

Creating polices and procedures are a good step in helping reduce liabilities, but training your people effectively is next. Let CSI help you keep your people informed. We’ll facilitate safety training.

Works Comp Reduction

No one wants to pay a high insurance premiums if they don’t have to. It’s just a fact that properly trained workers have fewer insurance claims. Let CSI create and execute an OSHA Compliant Training Program for your company.

Non-Compliance is Costly



Designed to eliminate hazards from the workplace, OSHA’s Occupational Safety and Health Act protects employers as much as it does workers, ultimately saving companies the many expenses caused by work-related injuries.

 As a federal regulator, OSHA has come under fire by employers for the usual reasons people criticize federal mandates: mounds of paperwork and an obsession with endless detail. Yet an accident on the job can cost an employer millions, beginning a complicated cycle that piles expense upon expense.

For example: Clark Jones, your best machine operator, seriously cuts himself because his machine lacks a guard. Clark’s arm injury prevents him from working for six weeks. As a result of Clark’s absence, productivity declines.

To stay on schedule, you pay other employees overtime. And despite the fact that you are paying top dollar for their work, these employees are less productive because they are fatigued. Tired employees are also prime candidates for work-related injuries.

Since Clark’s injury is serious, the problem compounds itself with the addition of workers’ compensation payments.

Furthermore, in the face of what appears to be serious nerve damage, Clark brings suit against the manufacturer of the machine that caused the injury. The manufacturer retaliates and sues you for negligence.

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