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Our name says it all. We’ll help you identify issues you may have with OSHA compliance. We can help you lower your worker’s compensation premiums and more importantly, help keep your people safe. Call for a free phone consultation today. 

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Hazard Assessments

Every company needs to know where the potential hazards are for their employees.

Compliance Evaluations

 Let us help you discover your vulnerabilities.

Risk Analysis

We’ll help you come up with ideas to reduce your liabilities and help keep your people safe. 

Safety Training

Let CSI help you keep your people informed. We’ll facilitate safety training.

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Compliance is not an option. OSHA’s 29CFR 1910 standards for the General industry has 792 pages of daunting regulations and the fines BEGIN at $13,653 per violation! How can you be sure you are in compliance? By contacting an OSHA Outreach Consultant such as the team at CSI Control Science Incorporated.  Our team can wade through the seemingly endless stream of regulations and bring back the information that is relevant to your specific needs.   Call today for a free phone consultation. Set up a Compliance Evaluation. We will inspect your business (Just like OSHA would) and tell you the areas you are vulnerable. Only our evaluations are confidential and carry no fines.

No one wants to pay a high insurance premiums if they don’t have to. It’s just a fact that properly trained workers have fewer insurance claims. Let CSI create and execute an OSHA Compliant Training Program for your company.

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Len Land, OSHA Outreach consultant and owner of Control Science Inc, led a class on safety at the CPCO of GA Fall Conference.  The class covered the importance of how to educate employees and implement safety measures on the job.  The class was given a visual demonstration of the importance of fall protection gear.  Fall Protection is required when an employee is over 6 foot from the ground and within 10 foot of the leading edge. While fall protection is a must when performing work on roofs, it is useless if the employee does not know or understand how to don the equipment. Equally important is an understanding of what takes place after a fall and how to get the employee down from the fall protection gear.   

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Len equipped his assistant Treavor in a safety harness and had him climb a 10’ ladder.  When the ladder was removed, the demonstration showed how the safety harness, when used correctly, prevents falls and injuries.  Len stressed providing gear, education and continued adherence to policies to keep employees safe from serious injury on the job.  The most valuable assets to any company are the people that work there. If you missed this important course on fall protection, Len will be happy to come to your office and provide a demonstration to your team. For more information about Osha Compliance, give us a call.

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Each project is different. We want to ensure we provide you with all of the tools you will need to keep your crew safe on the job. Call us today to get an estimate!

Is it one large package?

It can be. We can make a package for your team. Or you can hire us for just specific services. The choice is yours.

How long does training take?

This one can be tricky. It depends on the size of your team and what we will be covering.

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All of our services are popular. We want you to have what you need. Not sure? Call us today and one of our expert trainers will guide you through the process. 

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Control Science Incorporated (CSI) is an OSHA Outreach Consulting business specializing in the General Industry Standards. OSHA’s standards can seem a daunting task for managers and owners of small and medium sized companies. This is where CSI comes full circle. Our team of professionals can come to your place of business and evaluate your company to see the areas where you are vulnerable. Our team will then sit down with you and your management team and discuss your options to comply with OSHA’s standards. All discussions are kept confidential between our staff and your team.

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Client Testimonials

“We were very pleased with our service from CSI and especially the personal attention we received from Len Land. They brought us into compliance with OSHA regulations and helped us establish an employee best practices and procedures handbook. This was extremely valuable for our growing company. Thank you from Canton Termite and Pest Control can’t recommend your services highly enough.”



“You guys rock. My guys were not looking forward to this, you made it fun. Thanks for helping us get Osha Compliant.”

Karl Lizmo

Crew Leader

“When my husband passed and left me the business, I was lost. You guys helped me whip my team into shape in no time!”

Candace Breeman

New Owner


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